Current projects

  • The Last Lamentation is an art project by Valentina Medda, curated by Maria Paola Zedda, is a tribute to the "expendable lives" of the Mediterranean, whose voices are made to "explode" through an act of lamentation that becomes collective.

  • Communities in movement A program of urban dances, performances, workshops and sharing participatory processes carried out in the Padua Street neighborhood activates a collective experience around the theme of care and performativity of bodies in the public sphere.

Past projects

  • Across Asia Film Festival is an international film festival focusing on the independent languages of the very recent Asian film production. It delves into the production of a single country or on circumscribed geographic areas each year, showing Asia's great contribution in terms of experimentation, aesthetic research and linguistic innovation on the world scene ...

  • Looks at Borders The exhibition Maps. Glimpses on the Borders focuses on the artistic production of four countries-Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, and the U.S./Mexico, places where the ferments of the contemporary are being fiercely felt, both on the art scene and on the social and geopolitical scene.

  • CampoSud is a space for research and reflection in which different languages and methodologies converge, the multiple experiences of thinkers, activists, artists and participants, connected by a common thread that is that of praxis.

  • Across the vision Film Festival is a festival dedicated to the most research- and innovation-sensitive boundary films. A boundary-understood as mental and cultural horizon, vision and margin-that becomes sign, stylistic figure, language.

  • Living Connections is not "just" a festival, but much more. Inspired by the lesson of Costantino Nivola and the green plot of the arbor that weaves together the threads and bonds of communities, the Festival, is envisioned as a "total intervention" that contributes to refounding public space, weaving relationships, unraveling conflicts and transforming relationships...